Debutant caving in the Geneva area

Debutant caving in the Geneva area

For a few years now we have been doing some easy caves with our children. It’s not always easy to find information about the caves, but there are some guidebooks and good websites, details on the relevant pagaes below. A nice website to peruse for ideas is: This website is not supposed to replace these guide books, rather to provide some extra information and highlight the caves that we have found to be good.

Disclaimer: Caving is an inherently risky activity, Julie and I have done a lot of caving when we were younger and our kids are used to moving carefully in situations with big drops. Never go underground with a bad weather forecast unless you are sure it is a dry (fossil) cave. If in doubt, take a professional guide.

Glossary of French caving terms

Often, the most difficult part of a caving trip is actually finding the cave. For the caves listed here, if I have one then I have given a GPX trace from the parking spot to the cave. You can view the GPX trace easily by loading into, or slightly less easily with Another useful resource is

Here are details of some of the caves we have done, organised by département:



Haute Savoie